Following the transition of Jersey Tourism to the new and dynamic Visit Jersey, change in the Tourism industry is afoot. Visitor numbers are on the increase, and smaller, more exclusive cruises are finding their way into Jersey waters.  The Island is also being recognised as an excellent location for various sporting events.  Last year we welcomed the Island games, this year the Touch Rugby tournaments and Dance World Cup are taking place here in Jersey.  Also this year, the island was proud to play host to the 2016 Variety World Conference.

All of this means increased footfall in tourist traffic, and more visitors to the Island looking for guidance and entertainment.

That is where the Blue Badge Guides, and in particular, Jersey Uncovered come in.

Six of the recently qualified Blue Badge Tourist guides have joined forces to form Jersey Uncovered, the Island’s newest tourist guiding venture. Jersey Uncovered is actively marketing the Island to visitors and locals alike – inviting all to join us on an adventure of discovery around our shores.

The recent Destination Jersey event proved an excellent ground for networking with the large tour operators, many of whom are considering Jersey as a tourist destination for the first time, following the recent unrest in Europe. Tour operators we met expressed a keen interest in the services Jersey Uncovered offers, and we have enjoyed a number of bookings as a direct result of these meetings. Also, discussions regarding the creation of tour itineraries for these operators are ongoing.

Conscious that we need to reach all sectors of a growing market, we are working with Jersey-based corporates and financial services, encouraging them to take advantage of our consistency of performance and breadth of knowledge in introducing the island to high-value visitors.

Jersey has so much to offer, and Blue Badge Guides, with their comprehensive knowledge of the Island and its stories and secret treasures are best placed to share this with visitors. Certainly, the Jersey Uncovered team have had excellent and positive feedback from those who join them on their tours and walks.

In summary, visitors will get more than they imagined possible from their stay when they use the services of a Blue Badge Guide. So what better ambassadors for the island can there be than (Jersey Uncovered) Blue Badge Tourist guides?