The team at Jersey Uncovered is made up of Clive Jones, Kary Day, Tracey Radford, Helen Hart, Nicky Mansell, Roger Noel and Nigel Diggle.

All part of the same exam group, the team forged strong bonds during their training as Blue Badge Guides, and the idea for Jersey Uncovered was born following the last exam, in the sunshine, sitting outside a pub on the St Helier Waterfront, with a large bottle of champagne.

Each team member has their own specialty, and each bring to Jersey Uncovered something a little different.

Owing to her work commitments one of the team, Helen Hart has been a silent, but very valued, partner in Jersey Uncovered since its launch in March 2016.

Over the past 18 months Helen has guided “JU” through the early stages of the business, developing the Jersey Uncovered Brand and leading the marketing process.

After many years working in various sectors of the Tourism Industry, Helen, a highly qualified Marketing professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge, will be stepping down from her role as Manager of the Jersey Hospitality Association at the end of November. After living in Jersey for 28 years and having raised her family here, Helen will be relocating with her family to the United Kingdom.

We are delighted to confirm that she will, however, continue to work closely with Jersey Uncovered from a distance, supporting the team with the marketing of the Jersey Uncovered Brand and where possible promoting Jersey as a great destination for a break, which is made even better when you are guided by a Jersey Uncovered Blue Badge guide.