Coming up with new and exciting tours is always fun, but the best challenges arrive at the specific request of an important and valued client looking for something out of the ordinary, with that touch of something special, for which Jersey Uncovered has become recognised.

We recently had the privilege of organising what fondly became known as the “Big Four Producer’s Tour”, for a number of journalists visiting the Island as the guest of Tenderstem® and Visit Jersey.

Tenderstem® is the organisation behind the wonderfully tasty green vegetable, which came into being in Japan, as a result of Chinese Kale being crossed with Broccoli.   Jersey, with our mild climate, is one of the premier locations in which this amazing vegetable is grown, and the organisation Tenderstem® had the great idea of bringing a group of like minded foodie journalists to the Island, to experience Jersey’s fabulous produce.   Thus began Jersey Uncovered’s latest adventure.

Organising a tour isn’t simply a matter of thinking up where to go, and rocking up and doing the tour. A good guide will set about planning the route, timings, venues, and contacting the relevant people, well in advance of the set date.

Once the venues are organised, the next step is to try out the route to ensure all timings are exact before drawing up the full proposal, adding a few pictures for good measure. Once final approval is received, the finishing touches are put to the tour, and site visits are made to ensure that the full team are au fait with the planned itinerary and timings.  Each of the participants are busy professionals in their own right, and it is important that our visits run to their timings, to ensure the best all round experience for our clients.

So what exactly was “The Big Four Tour”?

Over the next few days we at Jersey Uncovered are going to take you on a virtual Island tour.  Travel along with us as we explore our Island, and meet four innovative and fabulous producers, showcasing the best of what our Island has to offer