First of all, what better way to showcase our Island’s produce, than by beginning with a visit to our local markets. The historic Victorian Fish Market and Fruit and Vegetable Market on either side of Beresford Street in St Helier provide a feast for the eyes, as well as for the taste buds.

Built in 1841, the Beresford Street Fish Market is a hub of activity on any given day (except Sunday).   Traditionally the markets close on a Thursday afternoon, but you can always rely on Faulkner’s Fisheries market stall to be open for business, displaying the seafood for which Jersey has become famous.

Here you can admire an amazing array of mouth watering seafood (fresh, live, frozen, smoked, dried and preserved), while another expert team prepares and fillets your chosen fish in front of you.

Ask very nicely and you might be lucky enough to be introduced to a beautifully shining lobster, coloured with hues of blues and purples, claws neatly bound with elastic to prevent an errant nip.

The famous Victorian Central Market is located just across the road.

Opened in 1882, as part of the 1881 celebrations of the Centenary of the Battle of Jersey, this Victorian Market, decked with 37 cast iron pillars , topped with coats-of-arms set in ornamental struts supporting the octagonal glazed roof, has served the community for well over 100 years.

Not to be missed is the central fountain, standing in at 15 feet high, constructed in three tiers with water cascading into a deep pool below. The surrounding pool was designed by a local man, Abraham Viel. The fountain was intended as the original water source for the market stallholders, and is thought to be on the site of an old vivier or fish pond.  It creates a colourful focal point which delights visitors young, old and in-between.

Both markets showcase our wonderful local produce, and are lively, full of colour and delicious smells.  For a true taste of where your local goes to shop you need look no further than the Central Markets.

These visits however are intended simply to tease and tantalise – to put it plainly they are simply the appetizer. Visit us tomorrow to find out the next stage of the tour.