From Manor Farm, it is only a short, six minute drive down to l’Etacq, to visit the seaside Vivier of Faulkner’s Fisheries.

The ‘Vivier’ is nestled inside an old WW2 German bunker at L’Etacq in St Ouen. Sean Faulkner, the owner and mastermind behind this venture, is on hand to provide us with an especially organised guided tour of the bunker, and to talk us through what happens here.

This is where Faulkner’s store their live local shellfish which include lobsters, crabs, spider crabs, oysters and much more. The Vivier also holds local fish, imported fish, smoked and frozen seafood.

The Faulkner’s team prepare the fish and promptly deliver to local restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. They also have a shop format where locals and tourists can purchase fish and enjoy with a bottle of wine that is also sold the premises.

Also the home of Faulkner’s famous Seafood BBQ which runs through the warmer months of the year, the Vivier is a great place to visit at the height of summer, to enjoy freshly selected seafood prepared on the barbecue in front of your eyes, to be consumed with a nice bottle of something special while seated on the picnic benches overlooking the beauty of the l’Etacq headland and the sweeping vista of St Ouen’s Bay.