Classic Herd Farm and Farm Shop at St Peter provide a perfect opportunity to get up close to our beautiful, doe eyed, Jersey Cows.

Classic Herd is the only independent dairy in Jersey, and is run by Darren and Julia Quénault.

Becoming independent, and able to control their future, was a decision that Darren and Julia did not take lightly. The couple and their team have adopted the highest standard of ethics for the well-being of their livestock, and to protect the natural environment of the 400-vergée farm as well as to ensure a consistently high quality.

Julia takes time out of her extremely busy day to provide us with an arranged tour of this wonderful farm. She explains that they produce and pasteurize all of their own milk, cheese, yogurt and ice-cream on the farm. In fact Darren and Julia’s cheeses are award winning. They have achieved not only bronze and silver at the British Cheese awards, but in 2012 Classic Herd Golden Blue soft cheese won silver at the World Cheese Awards.

Their ice creams are rather splendid too, and it is important not to miss the latest flavour – black butter ice cream. A taste of this creamy cold confection treats you to a burst of flavours of apple, spices and a hint of cider. Too tasty for words, it needs to be sampled.