A Maritime Adventure


A day of discovery of Jersey’s Maritime Treasures

Starting from St Helier Waterfront / Radisson Hotel or Pomme d’or Hotel

 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. by foot and by coach

 Overview of the proposed Tour

Explore Jersey’s rich maritime history beginning with a 60 minute harbour walk.

Hear about marauding Vikings, pirates, privateers and Royalty, before strolling along the promenade past Castle Quay, towards St Helier Marina.

From the sculpture of the Needle (2002), continue towards town learning of Jersey’s lucrative shipbuilding past; admire the marvellously restored 19thC warehouses, now home to the Jersey Maritime Museum.

The harbour walk takes us briefly around St Helier Town Marina, towards the Old Harbour, bordered by Quai des Marchands.

Photographic opportunities abound. Learn the history of our charming steam clock Ariadne, and hear how the building of the Quai des Marchands (1818) caused consternation in the States Chamber, our local seat of Government.

After a short tea and comfort break at the Sailor’s Rest, visit the award winning Maritime Museum to spend 1 ½ hours enjoying interactive displays and exhibits, and beautiful artwork, bringing Jersey’s Maritime History to life.

Lunch can be taken at any one of the many restaurants that circle Liberation Square and the Waterfront, and this will be arranged by your guide to suit your requirements. After lunch, we embark on our tour of the south-east coast of the Island, from St Helier, to the quaint Harbour village of Gorey, nestling below the majestic Castle of Mont Orgueil.

After a short exploration of the harbour, and some shopping time, we continue our visit around the coast towards St Catherine.

Enjoy afternoon tea at St Catherine’s Breakwater Café, and a stroll along the breakwater, before returning to St Helier listening to tales of Battles and Witches; Pirates and Adventurers. 

Purpose of the Tour

To entertain and educate; learn about construction and development of the harbours, Jersey’s rich maritime history, shipbuilding Industry, Cod Industry, and modern day conservation with our famous Ramsar* Site along the south-east coast of Jersey.

* The Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands. Jersey has 4 designated Ramsar sites. 

To book this tour please contact us at info@jerseyuncovered.com