Flavours of Jersey – A Foodie Tour*

Jersey is a food lover’s paradise and the Jersey Uncovered team would be delighted to share this with you on a ‘Flavours of Jersey’ foodie tour.

From Michelin star restaurants to more modest cafes, oysters to ice cream, Jersey offers a wide choice of delicious treats.

Jersey Uncovered’s ‘Flavours of Jersey’ tour will take you on a culinary journey around the island which highlights how and where the Island’s food and drink is produced. All will be linked by an engaging and interesting commentary about Jersey’s rich heritage and island life today as you travel around and enjoy all that this special island has to offer.

Depending on the time of year and season, this tour may include one or more of the following unique experiences:

FARM – Go behind the scenes at one of Jersey’s family run dairy farms. Here you will meet the island’s most beloved resident and top celebrity, the beautiful Jersey cow. You will see how its super creamy milk is transformed into a vast array of mouth-watering dairy products, and as this award winning enterprise has a farm shop and café, you can taste and buy the farm’s wares.

Please note that this tour is dependent on the owner’s farming schedule.

GRAPE, APPLE AND GRAIN – relax and enjoy a stroll around historic buildings, gardens, orchards and Jersey’s very own vineyard, and find out how the island’s local wine and apple brandy is produced. Everything is produced ‘in-house’ and of course no visit would be complete without sampling what is created on site.

SEA – Visit a family run fishery, housed in a World War II Occupation bunker. This is a unique opportunity to see many of the fabulous seafoods available in Jersey waters, but also to enjoy them with a summer BBQ or Oyster tasting in a stunning beach location (season dependent).

EAT – If you are still hungry, why not finish the tour with a delicious Jersey cream tea.

“Bouon Appetit!”

*Please note that the time of year / season will determine the itinerary.