A 2015 qualified Blue Badge Guide, Jon, who is a retired GP,  was born and brought up in the Island of Jersey, where he has also spent the majority of his working life.

Jon is able to trace his family roots through the generations both in Jersey, and in Normandy. He has a great love of the Island and its diverse history, culture and landscapes, and likes nothing more than to share the beauty and drama of the Island with our visitors.

A keen walker, Jon is able to take you on a stroll through history, uncovering the island’s stories from the Neolithic through to present day.  His walks will take you through 1100 years of history, from the Danes to the Germans and everything in between.

Jersey is a beautiful Island, with a rich and vibrant history that has always shown great enterprise, and extended its influence far beyond its shores.  Whether your Jersey explorations be coastal, rural, or suburban, visiting our historic town or harbour villages, allow Jon to lead you on that journey of discovery, which will leave you with fond memories of a fascinating Island adventure.

Contact Jon at info@jerseyuncovered.com / jon.osmont@gmail.com

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