A writer and former dance teacher with a passion for history and a gift for story-telling, Kary’s love of her Island home inspired her to qualify as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide.

Kary’s Jersey-French family arrived in the Island during the early 1900’s, and Kary, who also speaks French,  grew up listening to her maternal grandmother’s tales of Jersey. She spent much of her childhood exploring the beaches and hidden pathways of the Island, and today can take you along forgotten lanes, show you secret beaches, winding cliff paths, and historical residences,  intriguing you with the tales of adventures past and present.

Kary is an entertaining host, and likes nothing more than to share the Island’s fascinating story with our visitors.

From ancient standing stones to medieval castles Jersey is a place of history. Join Kary and allow her to share with you her extensive knowledge of this enchanting Island, providing you with picture perfect memories of an unforgettable visit.

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