Uncovering St Aubin

This corner of St Aubin’s Bay has always provided shelter from south westerly winds. Evidence of prehistoric man has been found on the shore nearby. In time a small village centred on a medieval watermill grew over centuries into a town of wealthy ship-owning merchants, with a market-place at its centre, and a fortified islet to guard from attack by sea.

It is easy to imagine the horse-drawn excursions of a century ago, the rumble of the trains, and to picture the old sailing ships in the harbour with sea-captains and sailors swaggering on the harbour-side.

As we meander along the 18th century wharf known as The Bulwarks, and follow the road to Ghost Hill, and return via the old High Street, we can almost get lost in time amongst the beautiful old properties of yesteryear. Hear spooky tales of the Haunted House on the Hill before descending towards the old Railway.

Join Kary on this circular walk starting outside the Parish Hall and finishing next to the sea wall only seconds away from the bus stop and car park. It is designed to be a short, sedate walk taking in the features of the harbour. Its difficulty is moderate due to 2 steep sections but the majority of the walk is easy and is along pavements.

For more information on this wonderful stroll, please contact us at info@jerseyuncovered.com or by telephone on 07797 741176 (Kary Day)


Parking is available in St Aubin and at various car parks (lay-bys) along Victoria Avenue, and at La Haule. Payment by paycards is required for parking wherever the paycard symbol is displayed. A parking disc may be used as an alternative in some parking areas (marked with a “P”) and this should be set to show your arrival time. If you do not have a parking disc, which is reusable, you should use the scratch cards.  Parking discs and Paycards can be obtained from St Helier Town Hall, or from the Parking Office in Sand Street.